Antifascist demo, Copenhagen 27/9/2013

Antifascists were gathered outside the Greek embassy on Friday, the 27th of September to demonstrate against the rise of fascism in Greece and elsewhere, after the cold blood murder of the antifascist rapper, Pavlos Fyssas (Killah P) by Golden Dawn …

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Fundraising in solidarity to Radiobubble, Athens

Radiobubble is an open medium for communication and information, run by a community of volunteers for the last 5 years. It is based in Athens, even though many of the members live abroad. They operate on the basis of relationships …

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Today April 17th. people from the political group Crisis Mirror (Copenhagen, Denmark), took the initiative to make a solidarity action in support of the Athens Indymedia. Our action is included in the campaign for the support of Athens

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Current Struggles and the Commons

– A seminar on zero-work, dept-strikes, reproduction and the commons.

with Silvia Federici & George Caffentzis

Saturday Jan. 26th. 14-17 o’clock, Folkets Café, Folkets Hus

Starting from a historical analysis of ëthe commonsí, the Marxist autonomist scholars and activists Silvia …

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Athens Calling

Lad os stå sammen og råbe op for at få nazisterne ud af Athen!

Demonstration på Lørdag d. 19. Januar 2013 kl. 14 foran den Græske Ambassade, Hammerensgade 4, Østerbro

Tilstandene i Grækenlands hovedstad Athen er horrible. Nazisterne har lusket …

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General European Strike! 14 November 2012

“First, they bankrupted the Greeks. As we were not Greeks, we did nothing against it. Then they bankrupted the Irish. As we were not Irish, we did nothing against it. Then, they bankrupted the Portuguese. As we were not Portuguese,

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