Press release by the workers of Vio.Me.

Workers of Vio.Me. (Industrial Minerals) open and faction the factory on their own!

After many months of fight, with the support and solidarity of the movement, the Labor Union of Vio.Me. is in the position to announce the opening of the factory. The workers of Vio.Me. take the production in their hands. They also take into their hands their lives and leave apart the bosses. By self-organization, workers’ self-management, directly democratic procedures and the factual solidarity of society, workers of Vio.Me. build the hope that a new world is feasible. Workers’ Union of Vio.Me. and the Initiative of Solidarity to them in Thessaloniki invite you, on the 7th of February at 13:00 at the Labor Center of Thessaloniki, at the Press Release where they are going to present their immediate plans after the startup of the factory as well as the program of the solidarity actions that aim to financial resources for the reinforcement of this new effort. An effort that paves the way for a society without bosses.

Brief program of actions:
Thursday 7/2 at 13:00, Press Release, Labor Center of Thessaloniki
Sunday 10/2 at 18:00, nationwide assembly of the initiatives of solidarity in Vio.Me., Alexandros Cinema
Monday 11/2:
• 17:00 Demonstration (from Kamara)
• 20:00 Concert at Ivanofio Stadium with Th. Papakonstantinou, G. Haroulis, Hainides (support entry, 5€)

Tuesday 12/2, Solidarity Demonstration out of Vio.Me. factory
(Meetings: 11:00 at Kamara, 12:00 out of IKEA megastore)