Fundraising in solidarity to Radiobubble, Athens


Radiobubble is an open medium for communication and information, run by a community of volunteers for the last 5 years. It is based in Athens, even though many of the members live abroad. They operate on the basis of relationships of trust and mutual respect. They don’t follow the hierarchical structure of conventional, mainstream media.

The purpose of Radiobubble is to provide information about of events in crisis-hit Greece through a permanent newsfeed. They conduct in-depth research on topics that the mainstream media tend to ignore. They develop, promote and support solidarity initiatives for people in need.

The influence of Radiobubble is enormous inside and outside Greece in the social media and mostly in twitter. Its reliability comes mainly from the fact that they have no sponsors, government or parties behind them and all news are crosschecked by the community itself that is following the news. So far Radiobubble has struggled and survived with contributions mostly from the community.

Now, Radiobubble is running a fundraising campaign in order to continue existing. We believe that since mainstream media are constantly reproducing the government and capitalist propaganda, it is crucial to support independent media. In a period that the Greek state is suppressing counter information and controlling free speech, we must show solidarity and take action in order to defend the voices from below.

Wednesday June 5th at 17 o’clock in Folkets Hus, Nørrebro