Today April 17th. people from the political group Crisis Mirror (Copenhagen, Denmark), took the initiative to make a solidarity action in support of the Athens Indymedia. Our action is included in the campaign for the support of Athens Indymedia, which is censored from the Greek state as well as with two other independent radical radio stations (98 FM and Radio Entasi).

Athens Indymedia is the biggest portal in Greece offering counter information and news regarding most of the political actions that are taking place in Greece. The site has been and still is an invaluable tool for the antagonistic movement in Greece. Here you can find calls for actions and events, a forum for discussions, political statements and analysis from groups and individuals all over Greece. The direct information with no intermediates has played a huge role and the reason why so many people embraced this political experiment on the Internet. During all the big struggles within the last couple of years (from the December revolt in 2008 to all the general strikes, struggles for natural resources and skirmishes with the police), Athens Indymedia has showed its importance in the spreading of news, statements and calls for actions.

We cannot let this happen! Hands off Athens Indymedia and the self-organized Radio Stations 98 FM and Radio Entasi.

Solidarity to the people and initiatives who are struggling for freedom!