Antifascist demo, Copenhagen 27/9/2013


Antifascists were gathered outside the Greek embassy on Friday, the 27th of September to demonstrate against the rise of fascism in Greece and elsewhere, after the cold blood murder of the antifascist rapper, Pavlos Fyssas (Killah P) by Golden Dawn members in Athens last week. About 150 antifascist demonstrators walked through central Copenhagen shouting anticapitalist and antifascist slogans such as “from Denmark to Greece, no nazis in the streets”, while banners were raised stressing the connection of austerity politics to the rise of fascism and the use of fascists by the bourgeois state in “emergency” moments, such as the one imposed on Greece by the Troika and the Greek government in the capitalist crisis pretext.

A danish MC rapped in the memory of Killah P, while Killah P’s music was played loud at various moments throughout the demo. The demo ended at Folkets parken, Nørrebro.








¡No pasarán!