Summer 2012, a report from Greece by GEORGE CAFFENTZIS

Something is happening in Greece in the summer of 2012 that is unprecedented. In such a small country millions of people are lying awake at night worrying about how they and their families will eat, stay warm, or have a hospital to go to in an emergency in the coming year. This is due to an experiment run by officials at the highest financial and political levels in Europe and at international financial agencies like the IMF and World Bank. They are testing Greeks to determine what are:

* the lower physiological limits of wages and pension payments in a contemporary European country,

* the maximum amounts of state-owned subterranean natural resources, land, ocean territory, the railroad system, hospitals that can be sold in the shortest amount of time,

*the maximum increases in the size and variety of taxes,

…without provoking revolution and/or civil war.

This is an experiment that our animal rights friends would call “cruel and inhuman.” They would consider it their moral duty to stop it if the experiment involved cats and dogs. Workers, especially Italian and Spanish workers, must join the Greeks in putting a stop to this Europe-wide experiment, for they too are experimental subject, as they should know. However, though Merkel, Monti, Samaras, and Rajoy meet almost daily to plot the results of their experiment and prepare for the next step, there are no continued joint meetings or assemblies of workers’ trade unions, social movements and debtors’ organizations with counter-plans and strategies. This lack of coordination and solidarity makes for a decisive weakness in this struggle around debt.