A resistance movement against the racist Danish ‘Ghetto’ laws – Almen Modstand

Following our recent debate Politics of Spatial Segregation that shed light on racist Danish housing policies and the notion of structural discrimination co-hosted with CAMP – Center for Arts on Migration Politics in Copenhagen on 22 March, Margarida Waco from …

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Basic Internet Privacy – Tips and Alternatives

This is the presentation on Basic Internet Privacy – Tips and Alternatives from our Event: To our friends: Audio-Event, “Fuckoff Google”

Presentation- March 2018…

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Hamburg: The society of control, lost control.

What would be to feel like a member of G20? Transferred from meeting to meeting by helicopter because the risk of driving through the city’s streets was simply too high. What about that view from the helicopter’s window that some …

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Stop Politivold

Nul tolerance overfor politivold

Politiets overgreb afspejler politikernes ønske om at kontrollere besværlige borgere. Kun et aktivt civilsamfund kan skabe forandring og få stillet de skyldige til ansvar.

Politivold udøves i en juridisk gråzone, da der ikke findes et reelt …

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