Live your myth…

The front banner, placed at the exterior of the squat Patision 61 and Skaramangka in Athens, reads:

‘Prisoners in “hospitality centers”, (para)state pogroms, a 19 year old stabbed to death by fascists

Live your myth in Greece, Xenios Zeus’

(“Hospitality center” is the Orwellian name given to detention centers and concentration camps for migrants, by the Greek state.

‘Live your myth in Greece’ is a slogan coined by the tourist industry and its political wing, the ‘Greek ministry of tourism’ to Disneify Greece as a tourist paradise, and to seduce consumers of tourism from all over the world.

‘Xenios Zeus’ (Hospitable Zeus) is the Orwellian name given to state pogroms (aided by fascist civilians) against migrants, by the Greek ministry of police.)

The picture below, taken at Athens central train station, shows what the operation “Xenios Zeus” looks like, Athens 2012¬†like Auschwitz II 1944.