A resistance movement against the racist Danish ‘Ghetto’ laws – Almen Modstand

Following our recent debate Politics of Spatial Segregation that shed light on racist Danish housing policies and the notion of structural discrimination co-hosted with CAMP – Center for Arts on Migration Politics in Copenhagen on 22 March, Margarida Waco from …

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We Are Nature Defending Itself: Art and Activism in the Age of the Anthropocene



Follow John Jordan, the co-founder of the Laboratory for Insurrectionary Imagination, from the Paris of the Commune to the one of the COP21 climate conference that is going to be held in the beginning of December.


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Podcast #1 – TTIP




On the 10th of June, the European Parliament is going to determine its positions on the trade deal between the EU and the US (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP) that is currently being negotiated.

We …

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Book in English on the rise of nazism in today’s Greece

Dimitris Psarras, a researcher and journalist studying the far right phenomenon in Greece for over 30 years, had a book published in English, with Rosa Luxenburg institute, explaining the history, the particularity and the realities of the far right in …

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Video showing the Greek coast guard's brutality against migrants

After the recent death 14 migrants (mostly children and women) who were left to drown by the Greek coast guard, which allegedly pushed some in the water and refused to help them get on the coast guard’s vessel, the video …

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John Holloway: After Capitalism


A short video that visualizes the possibility of another world, than that of capitalist realism and its dead ends. John Holloway uses examples to show that this world is already being created across the world.…

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Nazi violence: Prisons, factories, barracks

By Enzo Traverso

Crisis Mirror members decided to translate and to publish the following text, because it  adequatelly explains the phenomenon of Nazism and its relation to modern institutions, such as bureaucracy and the industrial organization of society and economic

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