Connecting European Struggles- Preliminary Schedule


Preliminary schedule

Please note that there might be more items on the schedule which are due to appear, some things might also be rearranged or texts rewritten. We are very happy to have all of these points on our agenda with comrades from all over Europe coming. If you have questions or concerns please email us at

Classroom 1:

17.00-19.00: Greece
Comrades from Greece come to Connecting European Struggles to detail the developments in the country.

19.00-20.00: Stop Fennovoima
Stop Fennovoima is an anti-nuclear campaign trying to stop the building of Putin’s nuclear power plant in northern Finland. Stop Fennovoima organized an anti-authoritarian protest camp that lasted from April 2015 to April 2016, but was harshly evicted by Finnish state powers. Reflecting on victories and repression the CES presentation aims to spread knowledges and experiences from fighting against two states that see nuclear power as a key strategy for economic and political gains.

17.00 – 18.00 Firefund
Firefund is a crowdfunding tool for activists: “We made a web platform for political crowdfunding because we believe solidarity is a strong tool with unrealized potential.” After giving talks in Firenze, Stockholm and Barcelona they are now coming to Malmö and CES!

19.00-20.00 Movie: “Acta non verba”
Acta non verba is a French movie about anti-fascists in France, Germany, Italy and Russia. One of the participants from France will be here and present the movie.

Big room:
17.00 Welcome
The conference opens and we say hello to everyone!

19.00-21-00 Opening assembly
To kick off this conference we are holding an opening assembly for circa two hours. During this time groups and individuals who will take part in the conference can present themselves, their struggles and their aspirations for the conference and begin to network. You have to register in advance in order to be a part of the assembly. Do so by emailing us at

Classroom 1:
10.00-11.00 G20 presentation
The G20 meeting where global economical policy is made is set for the middle of the left-wing area of Schanzen in Hamburg 6-7th of July 2017. There is already a massive mobilization underway. Come and hear German activists from the “…ums Ganze! Communist Alliance” detail the plans and get a first glimpse of the Nordic mobilization efforts.

11.00-12.30 Asylgruppen
The Asylum Group from Lund explains their work with legal aid and solidarity work with migrants after the new, harsher migration laws were passed in Sweden.

14.00-15.30 Macedonia colorful revolution.
Macedonia has been the scene of daily protests for months, targeting authoritarian and nationalist policies which have coincided with corruption. An activist from Macedonia is coming to explain their struggle and what’s going on now.

15.30-16.00 Nisse Lätt-biblioteket
The Syndikalistiskt Forum (Anarcho-Syndicalist Forum) bookshop in Gothenburg has built a library from the books of the famous Swedish anarchist and veteran of the Spanish civil war, Nisse Lätt. Come listen to a presentation of book-y goodness! (Take note: In Swedish with translation to English possible)

11.00-13.00 Security workshop
A practical workshop in digital security, made by some activists from Stockholm who have recently made an amazingly pedagogical handbook on how to keep your technology from snitching on you.

17.00-19.00 Rojava solidarity meeting
We know that there are many amazing initiatives across Europe for practical solidarity with Rojava. This meeting/workshop is an attempt to bring together disparate groups and individuals in an attempt to strengthen all projects around this topic. Please pre-register for the meeting with an email to and detail who you are and what your work on Rojava is.

16.00-18.00 Antiracist workplace struggle-strategies
Fascist leaders and authoritarian followers, in the workplace and in politics. After trying to set up a struggle in a workshop in Skåne one comrade found himself attacked by other workers who chose to solidarize themselves on ethnic lines with their Swedish boss. In this talk the usual antiracist workplace struggle-strategies of the left are critically discussed: how do we fight fascism at our jobs effectively? How do we try to overcome capitalism when some of our workmates turn on us? The conclusion of the talk is that fascist successes depend on the dynamic between destructive leaders and their authoritarian followers. In Swedish, with translation to English.

Big room:
11.00-13-00 Loi travaille
A French comrade from Marseille explains the immense struggle against the new labor laws in France. Against the state of emergency hundreds of thousands have taken part in strikes, blockades and riots. Now, the struggle continues in new forms.
16.00-18.00 Panel about antifascist organizing
Scandinavian antifascists will talk about antifascist organizing in a time when Pegida and the likes have monthly demonstrations against immigration and groups like Soldiers of Odin try to roam the streets. Reflecting on questions like alternating between militant methods, mass mobilizations and using the mainstream media for our gains we share experiences and try to come up with solutions so we can overcome the reactionary period.


Classroom 1:
11.00-13.00 Autonomous zone
In August 2017, a convergence camp will take place in a new founded permanent autonomous zone. An international team of activists is organizing the realization of this project, that offers powerful possibilities:

A permanent autonomous zone is a self-organized, independent community founded on anti-authoritarian, non-hierarchical and anarchist principles. It incorporates the ideas of self-sustainability, self education, responsibility and freedom.

We live in a world where the destructive force of capitalism is
spreading on a global level. Structures like borders and repressive visa policies are dividing us, the people. These factors, as well as
different socio-economical and political contexts, language differences and geographical distances complicate communication and exchange between different anti-capitalist movements. But since no region is isolated and the effects of capitalism cause misery and destruction everywhere, we feel a strong need for acting on a global level as well. Our aim is to create a zone that overcomes these restrictions, to unite struggles and build a strong international network of resistance. We are taking a transversal approach in fighting against the behaviours, mechanisms and the institutions which generate oppression.

We want a stable base for direct actions, for exchanging ideas, concepts and opinions, a place to put theory into practice that is accessible to everyone. People who are not born in Western
countries often have problems accessing projects in Europe or the US. A permanent autonomous zone would offer a possibility to decolonize our movement.

14.00-15.30 Healthcare presentation
An activist and worker from the hospital in Malmö will discuss the issue of health care struggle in Sweden and Malmö. The focus will be on the maternity ward and women’s clinic and the mass quitting from the staff as a political issue of deep importance.

Classroom 2:
10.00-13.00: Book café meeting
A closed meeting for the “Förenade Bokcaféer”-network. Please email us if you are not in the network and would like to participate.

11.00-13.00: Video workshop
A group of video activists from around Scandinavia is holding this meeting/workshop in order to discuss how to document demonstrations, talks or other actions. Through this they hope to create informative and inspiring video clips as well as affect the risk of police violence with a more organised presence of cameras and photographers. Questions of encryption and storing data safely are important in this talk.

14.00-15.30 Movie “Anti-fascists”
A low intensity war is being faught on the streets of Europe and the aim is on fascism. This documentary takes us behind the masks of the most militant groups called anti-fascists. We get an insight on how they live with the consequences.
At the CES meeting, the director will present the film and comment on some clips.

Big room:
11.00-13.00 Turkey presentation
A comrade from Turkey explains the state of emergency, the authoritarian and murderous policies of the Erdogan regime and the popular struggles against reaction.