Video and documentary on the great pacific plastic patch

The ‘pacific plastic patch’ is a phrase coined to describe the contamination of the oceans by plastic material of commonly consumed products. Plastic can never be naturally decomposed. All plastic ever produced still exists in some form in the planet. Plastic particles end up in the food chain, causing genetic modification and cancer.

None is sure of how plastic garbage ends up in the oceans. It is estimated that 40% of oceans are contaminated by plastics, with the production of plastics accelerating every year (production of plastics tripled during the last 10 years). The oceans cannot be cleaned; what we can do is to stop pollution,and to change production and consumption modes and habits. Such a task however is not that easy becasue the capitalist class is urging for more production and consumption in order to overcome the ‘economic crisis’, in capital’s favour.

A video explaining the problem and its complexity:

Documentary on the great pacific garbage patch: