The Kiosk

Short-animation series, that criticizes Greek society and its people.


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Our team is consisted of three people with studies in film, documentary, animation and multimedia. We began our project “The Kiosk” in 2011 and it is our first big project. Our goal as a production company is firstly to achieve the production of the 1st mini season (5-6 episodes, from 10 – 15 minutes long) of “The Kiosk” and in the future carry out other creative and “different” projects (films, documentaries, animations, etc.).



“The Kiosk” is a short – series animation based on the lives of the people living in “Ekaleo” (the word Ekaleo is made out of the names Ekali =rich suburb of Athens + Egaleo = poor suburb of Athens). Koulis Karajas is our main character and he is the owner of the featured kiosk. Koulis is 56, married and has a daughter (26) and a son (18). His two closest friends are his best-man (in marriage) and police officer Sotiris and taxi driver Telis.

The Kiosk’s goals are to criticize and entertain by exposing our country’s social, economic and political issues through stories which relate to our main and/or other characters of Ekaleo. Some of the other characters include Nasos, a heroin addict, PR master and MP wannabe mayor Kafiris, a successful and corrupted business man/priest Filaretos and many more. Currently we have finished our pilot episode (nominee in the 7th Annual International Athens Animfest, 1-7 March 2012, which is streaming on YouTube . Also the production of episode 1 had begun but due to lack of funds we had to postpone the process. Apart from the two episodes mentioned, we have already written an additional 3 episodes and have many ideas for more. All of our stories are inspired by actual events, regarding the Greek society, politics, Church, education, football, economy, E.U, army, police brutality and many more!