– a talk with the workers of a self-organized factory in Greece and an open discussion about solidarity.

Thursday November 15th. 19 o’clock, in bureau publik, Vesterbrogade 111.

In a time where the states and the capital is launching a full-scale attack on the workforces in Europe and the fascism is rising, we need to create solidarity to non-capital initiatives, fellow movements and individuals who are struggling.

In July 2012, workers of VioMe denounced the factory management and now plan on running it under common ownership, without bosses. This was the workers response to the owners stopping the payment of salaries in March 2011 and abandoning the factory in May 2011. The workers pushed the owners and management members to resign and let go any future demand on the self-managed factory. Now, applying direct democracy, the workers organise by means of a non-hierachical assembly. To guarantee legal safety for this and similar future projects, they are also promoting the creation of a legal frame to regulate collective ownership of business.

Crisis Mirror is happy to present a talk with workers from the self-organised factory in Greece and a discussion abut solidarity.