Into the Fire – The Hidden Victims of Austerity in Greece

A hard hitting documentary which shows the plight of refugees and migrants in recession hit Athens, Into The Fire is a film with a difference.

Shot and edited with sensitivity and compassion, it doesn’t pull its punches and …

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Capitalism Is The Crisis (Full Movie)–2R0

Capitalism Is The Crisis: Radical Politics in the Age of Austerity examines the ideological roots of the “austerity” agenda and proposes revolutionary paths out of the current crisis. The film features original interviews with Chris Hedges, Derrick Jensen, …

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The Story of Stuff

Tides Foundation, Funders Group for Sustainable Production and Consumption and Free Range Studios present “The Story of Stuff”, a 20-minute long animated video on capitalist production. Using simple language this short video manages to answer complicated questions.

Accumulation of capital …

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Utopia on the Horizon presents: ‘Utopia on the Horizon’, a documentary for those who chose to struggle.

What follows is this dramatic portrait of a country veering on the brink of collapse; and the people who chose to struggle in order to build …

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Video and documentary on the great pacific plastic patch

The ‘pacific plastic patch’ is a phrase coined to describe the contamination of the oceans by plastic material of commonly consumed products. Plastic can never be naturally decomposed. All plastic ever produced still exists in some form in the planet. …

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