The view from outside (a comment on the national election results)

National Socialism lite is on its way to Denmark with a thermos flask of coffee. Thus the avalanche of votes falling to the odious Danish People’s Party recoils to the pig sty: ethnically Danish bacon for all! Ventre de merde pieds de cochon. Four more years of huddling beneath the Dannebrog in self-satisfied contemplation of isolation and fear, rubbing our hands on the embers while the world around us collapses. Patriotism at its most repugnant has the fart of one in fives Danes in its sails now, and it stinks all across the country. The State of Denmark is rotten at its core and ready to belch up foul smelling policy with a stiffness that forces the spinal column out through Kristian Thulesen Dahl’s arsehole. If you fear your neighbour put your hand up and send her twelve year old to a kid-friendly prison near you. Let’s cling to what little, pityful warmth we’ve left in us and set a nice hedge up against the rest of the world, decorated with barbed wire and guards with machine guns. Gud bevare Danmark. Let’s trample their miserable world under our feet together. We are not afraid of people fleeing from the violence of war and destruction, or poverty caused by colonial exploitation. Yes, yes, Denmark has its history too. As for those who would entrench a new Dark Age of racist policing under the guise of baths for the elderly, we have nothing but contempt.