Statement about the mobilization outside the greek embassy (15/6/12)

On the elections on Sunday the 17’th Greece stands on the verge to profound political change. In solidarity with the Greek left wing, on 15th of June, several Danish and Greek activists tried to organize a manifestation in front of the Greek embassy in Copenhagen.

We were met with overkill registration of EVERY participant in the demonstration from about eight police officers. They demanded everyone to hand over their name, address and date of birth. Their pretext for doing so, was that the embassy had experienced graffiti and supposedly a fire bomb was of on an earlier event, that had nothing to do with this manifestation.

This clearly is a continuation of the measures enforced by the European authorities against the currently escalating European up rise that is happening due to austerity measures.

We are very concerned about this development that endangers the freedom of speech and assembly.


Crisis Mirror & Socialistisk Standpunkt