Post-Anarchism: A Reader

What do Michel Foucault and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have in common? What political lessons can we extract from the direct action experiences of the last years? How can we deconstruct the assumptions behind common words and build new meanings, views and hopes?

Post-anarchism has been of considerable importance in the discussions of radical intellectuals across the globe in the last decade. In its most popular form, it demonstrates a desire to blend the most promising aspects of traditional anarchist theory with developments in post-structuralist and post-modernist thought. Post-Anarchism: A Reader includes the most comprehensive collection of essays about this emergent body of thought, making it an essential and accessible resource for academics, intellectuals, activists and anarchists interested in radical philosophy.

Many of the chapters have been formative to the development of a distinctly ‘post-anarchist’ approach to politics, aesthetics, and philosophy. Others respond to the so-called ‘post-anarchist turn’ with caution and scepticism. The book also includes original contributions from several of today’s ‘post-anarchists’, inviting further debate and new ways of conceiving post-anarchism across a number of disciplines.


Duane Rousselle is the founder and editor of the journalAnarchist Developments in Cultural Studies and a librarian for ‘The Anarchist Library’ project. He has published in theInternational Journal of Zizek Studies.

Süreyyya Evren writes on contemporary art, literature and radical politics. He has published several books in Turkish and several articles in English, German, French and Czech. He is the editor-in-chief and founder of the post-anarchist magazine Siyahi.