Take a Troika to Eutopia


Despite the popular rejection of the politics of austerity on Sunday 6th of July, the Troika goes on regardless. After 5 years of misery the Greek people ought to know what they are talking about.

But now Greece is facing another – even stricter – memorandum that shows the just how great the European elites’ urge to implement austerity policies is, even after they have failed. There is an obvious and blind persistence in austerity. Greece is to be punished and disciplined for believing that “there is an alternative”.

In this capitalist regime there is no alternative: underlined by yet another expression of the EU’s disdain for democracy. In order to implement their politics, democracy is substituted for “business as usual”, to quote Juncker. In reality, austerity has nothing to do with numbers or economic systems, it is fundamentally a political decision. Austerity is dedicated to carving out a neoliberal regime, where democracy and human rights are being undermined. When it comes to the bottom dollar, democracy is irrelevant. The naughty schoolboy is to be left to the corner so the rest will learn.

There is a systemic problem in the whole of Europe. This is not a Greek crisis, but a crisis of capitalism. Who is going to bail Denmark out, when the time comes? Even Europeans are discarded now, welcome to Eutopia. Our hand is clear: the struggle against austerity is a struggle against capitalism, in Denmark as much as in Greece.

In response to the international call for solidarity with the Greek people’s struggle, we gather to send a message and say a clear NO to austerity.

Wednesday 15/07, 18:30 at Blågårds Plads.

Do you fight or do you capitulate? We choose to fight. We hope to see you in the streets.