"Bild-zeitung" seems to be launching a new cycle of propaganda against Greece


Recent headlines of the German tabloid press called “Bild-zeitung”, which apparently is Germany’s most widely sold daily paper, seems to be starting a new propagandistic campaign against the Greek people. According to Bild’s recent headline article entitled “the Greeks should pay themselves for their crisis” (sic), percentages of the Greek people’s bank savings should be appropriated by new austerity laws , to serve the notorious public debt of Greece, which is in steady growth (the growth of the public debt is  the only growth that Greece saw since its “rescuing” programs, forced by  the neoliberal mafia of the Troika).

Bild supports this idea -which violates capitalism’s most precious right, that of private property – so that Germany will stop “saving” (sic) Greece by (supposedly) paying for Greece’s (supposed) salvation (which apparently occurs through the ruthless destruction of Greece by austerity, privatization, violation of democratic rights, oppression, pauperization and fascism).

In a very unscientific and populist manner, Bild simplifies things again to comfort its audience’s national reflexes: it uses the sensualistic and arbitrary example of one Greek family budget, to support the ridiculous and spiteful claim that the average Greek is richer than the average German family, due to the Greeks’ extended ownership of assets.

Bild proves what it already knows, verifying self fulfilled prophecies to serve its political game of neoliberal and nationalist propaganda. Furthermore, it develops a divide-and-conquer strategy among Europe’s middle and lower classes, that are driven to envy each other, without looking at how their rich classes are actually doing, getting richer and richer in the midst of an economic crisis, while the middle class and the poor are supposed to accept their pauperization as an inevitable and rational thing, which is also moralized as a kind of a national duty.

Bild-zeitung is shamelessly lying once again to its readers, attempting to deceive the German people from seeing the catastrophic policy that the ultra conservative, nationalist and neoliberal German government and the EU are imposing to Greece and the European South in particular.

Bild plays the card of crude nationalism, to divert the public agenda from an honest discussion of the EU’s economic crisis. The economic crisis is a global, capitalist one that is caused by fierce and unregulated antagonism of private capitalists and their states across the globe, and capital’s demand for more profit and more exploitation. The crisis is a result of the contradictions rising by a ruthless pursue of capitalist growth that is impossible to be maintained in a finite planet, which is also contradicting any sense of democracy.




Where do the loans go: the reality beyond the nationalistic and neoliberal lies of Bild-zeitung and others; out of the 219 billion Euros, a mere 7,6 billion goes to serve the Greek budget, which in any case is minimized by austerity.


As many critical writers, honest journalists and politicians everywhere -in Germany as well – have repeatedly argued, the loans forced upon Greece and its pathetic and submissive governments -responsible for the catastrophic economic policies of the last 35 years in the country – are by no means of any help to the Greek people. The loans are indebting the Greek people further, and are used as political tools to engineer the privatization of the land and its wealth, and the dismantling of the Greek working class’ rights, resulting to its further exploitation. The loans are saving large German and European banks, while opening the way to German capitalists to buy out Greece’s wealth, its natural resources, its products and its labor power for almost free.

What the German tax payers should do, that are falsely made to believe that they are saving Greece, is to protest to their government against the loaning of Greece and against the exploitation of the European South by their bankers and industries. The same that exploit the German working people as well.



so called rescue


German people don’t fool yourselves! You are not saving Greece! By supporting Merkel’s government, you are only jeopardizing your own rights in the near future. Austerity is meant to be Europe’s new post democratic cannon.

As humans and as working people, who risk in coming to the same situation as the Greek people are, due to your political class’ agendas that prioritize big interests, you can follow the example of the squatters from Hamburg and join the class and internationalist struggles of the people from the European South, to cancel the debt, to end the neoliberal enslavement and the financial terror by the Troikan zombies, and to prevent the fascistization of Europe, for the sake of bankers and industrialists.