Athens Indymedia and Radio Zones of Radical Expression are under state repression

As of the 11th of April, noon, the dean of the Polytechnic School effectively replaced the police and the judges, by cutting the internet connection for both self-organized anti-information projects, following orders from the minister of public order Dendias. This is a repressive tactic and censorship which is used only by authoritarian regimes (Syria, Iran and North Korea). It’s time for all of us who moderate, publish or use the media mentioned above, as well as for all of us who stand in solidarity to the right of free expression, to self-organize and act in order to defend our given rights.

The solidarity assembly that took place on Saturday, is directing an open call for solidarity actions across Greece and internationally, during the week between the 15th and 21st of April, to support both anti-information projects. We fight for the right to express ourselves freely from inside NTUA’s campus. In the city of Athens, on Monday 15 April, a protest will take place in the central square of Zografou Campus at 9.00.

Spread the word, translate, act.