Demystifying the Financial Sector

”Demystifying the Financial Sector”

– a walkthrough of the financial terminology

As a part of Crisis Mirror’s ongoing mapping of the crisis and the struggles we are facing, the group invites all to an evening with the Greek economist, Vaggelis Broumas, who will introduce the different financial instruments that played a crucial role in the collapse back in 2008. Vaggelis Broumas will take us through the financial terminology, and we will get the opportunity to pose all the stupid questions we can come up with.

This presentation is part of Crisis Mirror’s exhibition-project in the newly started exhibition place Bureau Publik. With focus on the current European situation the group Crisis Mirror will work on an ongoing mapping of four crises during the exhibition period. The groups investigations of the financial, the environmental, the political and the social crisis will every week be added to the exhibition, thus in the end drawing a more complex picture of the current situation.

Crisis Mirror is an interdisciplinary political group that works with producing, sharing and present information about the current state of capitalism. During the exhibition period the group will use Bureau Publik as a meeting place and organise presentations and debates. For further information about events see or