Crisis Mirror #1 launch

We would like to invite you to Crisis Mirror’s Launch Event, taking place this Friday (06.06.2014), at 7pm, at Bureau Publik (Vesterbrogade 111, 1620 Kbh V, There is going to be a presentation of the first issue of the magazine and a discussion.

Crisis Mirror #1 – The Ideology of Today’s Economic Crisis is Crisis Mirror’s first print publication, an anthology of articles which have appeared on our website gathered together now to counter the presentation of the recent collapse as “the inevitable outcome of our own deficits: corruption, laziness, tax-evasion, demotivation, and non-competiveness”. Here we highlight the way in which the crisis has been used to justify violent cutbacks, often by scapegoating the most vulnerable.
Crisis Mirror is a multidisciplinary and diverse political group based in Copenhagen. We produce, share and redistribute counter-information about the capitalist crisis ongoing in Denmark and the rest of the world.