Solidarity to the 5 of Barcelona #5brc

From European Against The Political System

The more the State and the economic-political oligarchies feel that the crisis they created turns back against them threatening their interests, the more they lay aside the meaningless, statutory declarations-wishes about democracy and freedom, and turn relentlessly against those struggling for social revolution, for a society of equality and freedom.

On 15 May 2013, by order of the Spanish National Court, 5 Catalan anarchists were arrested in their homes in the area of Barcelona: Yolanda, Silvia, Juan, Xabier and José, administrators of Facebook pages, are accused of disseminating opinions “that have aimed to spread subversive ideas and to incite and/or commit crimes against State and capitalist interests” (Court order 17.05.2013), of participating in demonstrations where there was unrest and of involvement in “terrorist gangs”.

The five anarchists are held in Soto del Real prison, in north Madrid, practically experiencing the stance of the repressive capitalist state against any voice that challenges the dominant values and fights for Freedom, self-organization, social and political equality – ideals which are the ideological foundations of the anarchist movement, and which are nowadays criminalized while profit, competition and the dissolution of every place of social solidarity are morally established in the consciousness of the people. This should not be seen as an isolated issue but instead must be viewed as part of the chain of the European repressive machine. It is no coincidence that in more and more countries the most radical views are renamed by the legislators as crimes – just by considering them opposed to the basic enforcement principles and methods of the capitalist system.

This is the European Union, this is the true face of capitalism; every time it is confronted with a severe (systemic) crisis, it abandons any semblance of democracy. Capitalism is nothing more than a continuous promise of exploitation, violence of any kind, inequality, repression, injustice. Nothing more than a state of constant oppression, aggressive torpor and apathy based on the chimera of a meaningless, alienating consumerism in a society where everything is literally or potentially a commodity.

It goes without saying that we do not recognize these laws. It is clear to us that laws which are not co-formulated by us are rules of enforcement of interests, desires, aspirations and fears of the oligarchies against the entire society. Laws not only morally unjust and politically charged by the ‘values’ of their creators (exclusively), but also shamelessly barbarian. We do not recognize any right of the judiciary to exclude people from society on the basis of their political views. We will not tolerate a new Inquisition draped in legitimacy. Societies have fought against totalitarian regimes, against the greed of economic oligarchies, against capital and bosses, against the very idea of exploitation of man by man.

This war never ended and will not end until inequality, oppression, injustice disappear. Freedom for our anarchist comrades in Spain. Freedom for those who dare.

Published in, 27/05/2013