Serious assaults last two weekends in Nørrebro, Copenhagen

This text is translated from Project Antifa’s website, see link further down.


Photo: Adrian Lazar

The first assault took place the night between saturday the 20th of september and the 21st. Three women became the victims of a hatecrime in the area around Møllegade and Guldbergsgade.

They were met by a man who first behaved friendly, but then became aggressive when he assumed that they are lesbians. They were harassed and threatened with rape. When they told him off, he knocked them over to the ground several times. The women defended themselfes and the situation finally drawed attention from bypassers who helped to stop the assault.

The second assault took place in the early morning 27th of september, just one week after the previous. Here a group of two women and one man were attacked in front of Trabi Bar by the Folkets Park. The group stood in front of the bar when two men started yelling sexist exclaims.

One of the women walked over to them and asked them to stop but they attacked her and kicked her in the head, so violently that she became unconscious. While she was lying on the ground the two men continued kicking her. When another from her company stepped forward to help, that person was also attacked, pressed against a car and kicked. The assault was very serious and some of the involved have later been hospitalized.

A local initiative from Nørrebro is calling for a demonstration Friday the 10th of October, in the evening, as a reaction to the attacks. Stay informed through Facebook and Project Antifa’s website.