'Poverty is when there is no water to drink' (quote from people's struggle against mining activity in their region)

Mainstream media celebrate the advent of gold mining in Greece, using the emergency crisis context, and the debt blackmailing, to surpass environmental and labour laws and norms.
A video showing the ongoing destruction of the forest:
A whole ancient forest in Chalkidiki, Northern Greece, at Skouries, is about to be cut and its soil exploited and irreperably damaged, in order to extract few ounces of gold.
An image of the forest in its current state, with the mining works just starting and another one of what will become of it after mining is done, from a poster done by people resisting the mining industry:
This is the kind of ‘development’ that the capitalist class is envisioning for Greece and other crisis -struck countries, and this is the way the capitalist media present to the general public the destruction that corporations cause to people, communities and the nature: as ‘realism’ or as some sort of ‘positive solution’ (sic):