We Are Nature Defending Itself: Art and Activism in the Age of the Anthropocene



Follow John Jordan, the co-founder of the Laboratory for Insurrectionary Imagination, from the Paris of the Commune to the one of the COP21 climate conference that is going to be held in the beginning of December.

Hear how art and activism is combined into artivism, about creative resistance, direct action and prefiguration of the postcapitalist future, and of course about the Climate Games – the upcoming mass disobedience action of an unseen size that is going to take place in Paris, cyberspace and beyond during the COP21.

Get ready to put your body upon the gears, the wheels and the levers, upon all the apparatus, in order to stop the productivist machinery that is at an accelerating pace turning Earth into an inhospitable habitat for the most forms of life currently found on the planet.

The talk was originally given at Folkets Hus on May 14, 2015.