Dublin's Trap: another side of the Greek crisis

Through the story of an Afghan asylum seeker who won a historic victory at the European Court of Human Rights, this film shines a new light on the consequences of migration policies in the crisis-affected country of Greece.

“Dublin’s Trap” gives an equal voice to politicians, intellectuals, activists, immigrants, and extremists. This approach highlights how austerity measures, combined with an unprecedented influx of immigrants, foster racial tensions, increased nationalism, and a humanitarian crisis at Europe’s external borders.

Further aggravating the situation is an uneven EU repatriation mechanism known as Dublin II.

Directed by Bryan Carter & Sean Carter
Research Supervisor: Angeliki Katsoulaki
Written and narrated by Bryan Carter
Director of photography: Sean Carter
Sound: John-Patrick Goffin
Editing: Youri Van Cutsem & Sean Carter