The sellout as an investment

by Periklis Korovesis (source:


Officially China remains a communist country within  a capitalist world. Theoretically we should have had a new Cold War, as in the time of the omnipotence of the USSR. But this is not the case. There is no oligarch or multinational company that is not enamored with China and does not invest in it. So it is reasonable to wonder: Either the whole world has unconsciously become communist or China is in reality an aggressive capitalist superpower. Judging only by the billionaires that it has-among them the granddaughter of Mao-and the  millions of poor Chinese people forced to migrate permanently, either within China or outside -even in Greece- then all theories of Mao on equality look like grotesque farce.

China has a significant advantage over the other capitalist countries. It is an absolute dictatorship, comparable only with the totalitarianisms of the twentieth century. For example, it has more capital executions than the U.S. The executed people are a macabre investment. As an official who fled to the West denounced, the condemned are not executed instantaneously, but they are first injured in non-vital organs. Then, they are transferred into special hospitals, where their organs are removed, packaged and exported.

We all knew that China has a wide range of exports. But no one could have ever imagined such a sadistic trade. Despite the protests by organizations for human rights, there has been no penalty yet.

China, like any other superpower, aims at consolidating its interests worldwide. In contrast to the other imperialist powers, it does not make war for conquest -there is no such tradition in its history- but it achieves conquest in two ways: through purchases and loans. Indebted countries are forced to sell their sources of wealth in order to meet their immediate needs, without any regard for the future. Corrupted politicians who are only interested in making personal profit, never bother to ask themselves the following question: “Since the foreign investor finds a public company profitable and buys it, why don’t we keep it and make profits for the public good?” They do not care about that. They are only interested in the growth of poverty and misery, as a way to decrease the value of labor power. The Chinese have bought huge tracts of fertile land in Africa, investing in what is called a “land grabing” or land expriopriation. And that means the disappearance of the small agricultural production -which fed the local communities – for the benefit of monopolies that are only interested in profit.

On the basis of profit, they also choose the crops. If the livestock products or the biofuels are more profitable, they can let the people die of hunger. Today almost the whole Africa has been under the Chinese powers.

The other method of conquest is the loan.  The countries of Latin America, that have borrowed money from China, have mortgaged their wealth-producing sources. Ecuador, for example, is going to deforest three thousand hectares of virgin rainforest only for the settling of Chinese oil companies. Indigenous people will be forcibly exiled from their land. The same will happen in Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina who had mortgaged their raw materials to China. There is no generous and kind lender. Shylock of the world united.

There is also a myth of exporting products to China. We often hear that the Chinese are crazy about the Greek olive oil and wines, and this will supposedly give a boost to our (the Greek) economy. This is of course a big lie in order to cover up another sellout of yet another wealth producing resource. If the Chinese like these products, then they will buy the olive groves and vineyards and we will import Greek products from China. Does that sound far out? The Chinese also liked the fine French wines from the famous vineyards of southern France. About half of the branded French wines are now in the hands of the Chinese. The French speak of cultural destruction. But they did nothing. Inertia is the best assistance for thieves.