For an exceptional 1st of May

“When they woke up, capitalism was still there”

The exceptionality of this year’s 1st of May, provides a window into the dark face of our so-called normality. The budget cuts and privatizations that endanger our health and lives; the older generations parked in care-homes to die while those who look after them earn minimum wages; the underpaid essential workers, who cannot see their families nor friends but still must report to work every day. Borders, that kill more than viruses, closed for the many unless their labor force can be exploited.

The precarity of our lives, for a moment, exposed and undeniable. The friendly mask of Capitalism, fallen. A system exposed for what it is: an economic model that puts profit before life.

We do not wish to go back to “normal”, because we know that normal means profit for the few and oppression for the many. We might not be marching in the streets today, but we will keep fighting all year round against bosses, profit and capital.

Remember, the pandemic is Capitalism.

God kampdag!