Talk: Rural Reconstruction movement in China

All are welcome to attend a talk about the Rural Reconstruction movement and the Chinese land distribution system and the protests, conflicts and negotiations it generates in contemporary China by the Chinese editor, artist, curator, thinker and activist Ou Ning.

Over the past 10 years Ou Ning has done research on urban and rural relations and processes in China. Ou Ning questions and critiques the urbanization haze flowing through most of China’s urban and rural areas, carrying with it extensive and serious consequences for China’s rural areas. Ou Ning will use different examples from the rural reconstruction movement, which he is himself a part of through his project, Bishan Commune, in rural Anhui Province.
The event will take place at YNKB (Baldersgade 70 st tv, 2200 Copenhagen N) on Tuesday, September 16, at 18.00.
ou ning