On Saturday the 13th of June we march from the Red Square in Norrebro towards the EU offices in Norreport. We shout for the voiceless, we shout for the refugees and migrants that are either stranded on the borders of the European fortress or locked up in some prison/camp. We demand that the camps are closed down so that the people living in them can live peacefully in the country of their choice.

The new reality we live in, during this times of global pandemic, made us focus on keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe. Under this circumstance, nation-states, are forced to take measures, to keep the productive masses as safe as possible. After all, people are still the main resource of capitalism. . However, some people are falling short from this deal. It’s the migrants and the refugees that the states all over Europe are handling like objects. It’s these people that are isolated, not by choice but by force, not in the safety of their homes but in the horrible conditions of camps, hot spots or just in the grey zones between borders in the midst of a pandemic.

While movement is being restricted globally, the EU still sends FRONTEX forces to guard its borders at all costs. While the state propaganda claims that life should be protected at all costs in this pandemic, they are shooting migrants, sinking boats with children and pushing back refugees to the “safe” Turkish state.  In the meantime, with the excuse of public health safety, those who have managed to reach the Promised Land are being practically imprisoned and hoarded in horrible camps like Moria. With the camps capacity over exceeded even in normal conditions, social distancing and basic hygiene is impossible leaving people completely vulnerable to mass contamination while awaiting the results of asylum applications that are constantly rejected.

The “social” Danish state does not diverge at all from these practices. Refugees that manage to reach Denmark, are practically imprisoned in detention centres such as Ellebæk or Sjælsmark, with minimal interaction with the society, while waiting for the state to determine their fate. At the same time the Danish capital, is profiting while producing new refugees thousands of miles away from Denmark (Danish military industry, Involvement in NATO military campaigns, FRONTEX).

The last few months we respected and followed the guidelines in order to protect public health and we continue to do so. But as society reopens, we say it’s time to lend our voice to those that the European states continues to ignore. Those who are left voiceless, locked up in centers like Ellebaek, Sjaelsmark and Moria or that are stranded in the Greek borders.