Communization, Present Struggles and Anti-Capitalist Publishing


Time and place: Thursday, October 29, Starting at 17.00 in Folkets Hus, Stengade 50, KBH N.

In preparation for discussion on communization, Héctor from the autonomous libertarian publishing project Editorial Klinamen will give a talk on communization theory and present struggles as well as tell about Editorial Klinamen’s work in relation to current debates on the matter. He will take as a point of departure his recent exchange with the French theorist Gilles Dauvé on some problematics about communization.

After the presentation there will be a open conversation about the different topics of the talk.

About Editorial Klinamen

Editorial Klinamen is a little anti-capitalist publisher from Madrid, Spain. It was founded about 12 years ago in order to publish material from and for the anarchist movement and, as all the work is voluntary, to fund anti-capitalist projects (newspapers, strikes, locals, etc.) with the money obtained from the books. At present, we are trying to cover mostly these two subjects: to map and analyse the new forms of class struggle in the recent years and, on the other hand, to translate and publish materials related to the communization current.

Recently a collection of texts on communization was published in also Danish by the small local publishing collective Brud.

Héctor will also give a talk under the title Insurrection and politics in contemporary Spain: from the 15M-movement to the electoral politics of Podemos, and onwards in the Vår Makt conference that takes place on Saturday, October 31, in Malmö. The conference is open for everyone and free of charge.