Power cuts, a daily reality in Greece

An interesting video with english subtitles below, demonstrates some of the crude realities behind the effects of austerity …

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The Julian Assange Show: Noam Chomsky & Tariq Ali

A surprise Arab drive for freedom, the West’s structural crisis and new hope coming from Latin America. That’s the modern world in the eyes of Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali, two prominent thinkers and this week’s guests on Julian Assange’s …

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A country full of gold

An associative approach to the greek crisis having gold as starting point and core.


The gold in pawn shops, the gold that has been accumulated for so many years from doped olympic medals, the “golden chance” (job ads newspaper) …

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The Story of Stuff

Tides Foundation, Funders Group for Sustainable Production and Consumption and Free Range Studios present “The Story of Stuff”, a 20-minute long animated video on capitalist production. Using simple language this short video manages to answer complicated questions.

Accumulation of capital …

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Video and documentary on the great pacific plastic patch

The ‘pacific plastic patch’ is a phrase coined to describe the contamination of the oceans by plastic material of commonly consumed products. Plastic can never be naturally decomposed. All plastic ever produced still exists in some form in the planet. …

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MUTE – The visualization of an economic rape

Without too many words. Or even better, no words at all. Mute is answering in the following questions: Which is the picture of the Greek crisis? What’s its colour? An economic rape that then turns to a social one.


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25S-29S: Madrid on the brink — a short film

This short film chronicles the events of the past week in Spain, where hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets to demand the resignation of the government and an end to police brutality. Many of the protests …

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