Refugees Attempting to Cross the Borders From Greece to FYROM

As the realization that the borders between Greece and FYROM are not going to reopen anytime soon sinks in, close to 1000 refugees have forded the river Axios and sought a gap in the fence in order to make it to FYROM.

Their desperation peaked by the atrocious conditions, and the heavy rainfall of the past days. The constant growing of the numbers of those who arrived every day to the refugee camp of Edomeni combined with the rainfall which has turned the fields where they were camped into giant mud puddles fed the unrest of those who have been stranded for more than a week after the decision of several countries to seal their borders.

The policy, which was confirmed in the latest Eurogroup, is supposed to make the thousands of refugees that the western Balkan route will no longer be open for those who try to pass from Turkey, to Greece and then to FYROM-Serbia-Hungary-Austria and Germany.

Earlier on three refugees lost their lives in a flooded stream in FYROM.

It is reported that those who managed to make it through to FYROM have been intrecepted and surrounded by the FYROM army near the village Moin. More than 30 Greek photojournalists have also been arrested by the police as they were covering the efforts of the refugees.