This is not just about a park! A note on the Turkish insurrection

Turkey, the model country of the IMF, with an average salary of less than 300 euros (despite the official 400 euro status of minimum wage), with thousands of women being murdered for reasons of “honor” (with an increase of 1400% over the last ten years, this is what “modernization” really means for neoliberals), with the brutal – even by Greek standards – repression against any kind of Left movement and general political reaction, finally erupts … the fact that the protest started from claiming free public space is not accidental. Linked to the increasing identification of social reproduction with repression, invalidate any claim within workplaces etc (as someone wrote on twitter: this is not only about the park, we are on the streets to protest against the law that prevents abortion, the banning of beverages, poverty, and in general against the shit-life that we live …). The socio-political nature of the outbreak is consistent with that of the Indignant movements. The (non-) call for more democracy and “freedom” is what expresses the multitudes that demonstrate […]

Source: Communization

Photos of the events: