The Greek police gathers the homeless of Athens and then abandons them at remote areas

After the massive police ‘actions’ against migrants and drug users in Athens, it seems that the next target of the Greek state is the homeless people of Athens. According to the public statement of the “Solidarity for all” citizens’ initiative, the police gathers homeless people in order to check their papers, transfer them to the police station of Amygdaleza and other remote police stations, and then abandons them.

As Chr.Provezis, the spokesman of the “Solidarity for all” initiative told the newspaper “Eleftherotypia”, “more than 10 homeless people who sleep in spaces at the Athenian historical center, around Omonia andPsirri districts, speak of having been forced in the particular procedure.”

The representative of the Initiative visited the homeless at KEAD (Homeless Center Athens) and argues that “some homeless people say that they were gathered from Koumoundourou square and Piraeus avenue and then transferred to have their papers controlled at police stations in Oropos, Amygdaleza, Vari and Elliniko, where the police abandoned them after conducting the papers’ check. ”

The homeless’ reported the event to the “Solidarity for all” initiative, and also reported that their “clothes, blankets and mattresses” were lost, believing that they were deliberatelly “thrown away by the police”. The disappearance of things necessary for their survival, are also reported by homeless people at the area of Neos Kosmos.

The Evangelical Church, which organizes mess with daily meals for the homeless, also informed the initiative that some of the homeless people who attended the Church’s mess daily, that did not  come to the mess.