New Student Protest in Quebec on Monday February 25th.


A photo of the Ministry of Education in Quebec, with an orange splash!

The students in Quebec seems to be under attack and the seemingly victory has to be fought for again. The minister of higher education now rejects to abolish tuition fees and will instead raise them. An introduction to the current struggle: 

A short report from a new student demo in Quebec on monday february 25th:

MONTREAL — Student protesters were confronted by city and provincial police in riot gear as they marched to the site of the education summit Monday evening.

More than 1,000 protesters stopped short of lines of Sûreté du Québec and Montreal police officers outside the Arsenal in Griffintown, where the summit, organized by the Parti Québécois government, was underway.

A police helicopter hovered overhead.

Shortly afterward, the crowd resumed its march.

It didn’t take long for Montreal police to declare Monday’s protest illegal.

Demonstrators gathered in Cabot Square, at Ste. Catherine and Atwater Sts., starting at 4:30 p.m. to demonstrate against the opening of the “anti-democratic” summit on higher education.

The event was promoted by the Association pour une solidarité syndicate étudiante (ASSÉ), a relatively radical student association that was at the centre of last year’s battle over university tuition fees.

By 5 p.m., the Montreal police had declared the demo illegal, but did not prevent the crowd from starting its march.

ASSÉ is boycotting the official summit on higher education. Rather than promoting an open discussion that would include the prospect of free university education, the group said, the summit has become an unacceptable “numbers game.”

ASSÉ is also calling for a large protest Tuesday afternoon.

Monday’s protest was organized by a group calling itself Agecvm Pour la Gratuité whose Facebook invitation to the protest claimed that almost 1,100 people had pledged to attend.