General strike, Greece 26.9.2012

(graffiti of Aristotle from the streets of Athens. Source: WD street art)

We should not live as slaves!

(written on walls throughout the country)

General strike followed by demos all over the country, against the passing of another austerity pack dawn the line of proletarianisation, and expropriation of Greece by the ‘glocal’ capitalist class.

Around 100.000 demonstrated in Athens. Police estimated the number to 50.000. Demonstrators were brutally attacked by the riot police. The demonstrator shouted the slogan ‘Beware, beware, neonazis in uniforms!’ (Προσοχή, προσοχή, Χρυσαυγίτες με στολή!).

  • Video of police attacking demonstrators in Syntagma square:

  • Photos of the demo in Athens:,Stigmes_apo_th_maxh_toy_Syntagmatos.html

A statement by the author Yannis Makridakis on what the EU is doing at Greece and the European South:

“Europe acts towards Greece as a colonialist. It does not respect the european legislation neither concerning employment nor on environmental issues. European leaders seems to want Greece and the rest of the southern Europe to be the China inside the European Union. Where people would work without rights and with no satisfying salary and the environment would be destroyed with its natural resources sold to multinational companies. At the same time they tolerate the neo-nazis who perform racist and anti-leftish pogroms.

The european leaders have destroyed Greece and are leading it to a civil war very soon. Historically, it might also be the case that the civil war has already started. Such a Europe I do not want. If we stay in the eurozone to be left with such a country and such a life, it is better to go back to drachma or oven an ancient currency. Everything will be better after this unavoidable turbulence which we are experiencing, whether we stay in the eurozone or not”.