Don’t take a job on the Axel Towers construction site


A message from the striking workers on the Axel Towers construction site.

Dear Colleagues

After a long-running dispute about wages 40 joiners and carpenters on the showcase construction site, Axel Towers, choose to stop working. We could not agree on the piece-work rates and we wouldn’t accept that wage rates were dictated to us by the company. The employer, DEKO, has dictated what they think the wage rates should be. This is completely unacceptable. We demand genuine negotiations between equal parties.

Now we have been dismissed and we urge everybody not to take a job on Axel Towers, opposite Tivoli in Copenhagen. We are demonstrating outside the building site every day. If blacklegs/scabs arrive at the site we call on everybody to come along and picket the building site.

Tell your workmates and colleagues so everybody knows that work on the Axel Towers site has been affected by industrial action.

Yours in solidarity

The joiners and carpenters on the Axel Towers building site.