Crisis Mirror Podcast #2: Migrants and the Danish state


Over the last years the Danish government has taken a number of measures to prevent and regulate migration. We took a dive into the multiple levels of discrimination and exploitation imposed by these measures and explored the rhetoric behind it as expressed by the hegemonic ideology.


Original music by Crisis Mirror.

Lyrics mashed from two poems by Pietro Gori and Bertolt Brecht.


Oh fugitives from all around

On an adventure we go without regret or fear

Our homeland is the entire world

Our law is freedom

And there’s a rebellious thought in our heart


[B. B.]

Observing beyond the boundary, zealously asking

Every arrival, forgetting nothing and giving up nothing

And also not forgiving anything which happened, forgiving nothing

The silence of the Sound does not deceive us! We hear the shrieks

From their camp even here. Yes, we ourselves

Are almost like rumours of crimes, which escaped

Over the frontier. Every one of us

Who with torn shoes walks through the crowd

Bears witness to the shame which now defiles our land.

But none of us

Will stay here. The final word

Is yet unspoken.