A letter from Turkey: "It is horrible being ignored"


Ecem is a Turkish young girl who has been in Taksim square for the last four days. She is not an anarchist, she does not belong to any political party. She is one of the million turkish people who are fighting for their freedom.

Since the turkish government has blocked all media  she is asking for foreign coverage of the turkish insurrection.

“For the ones who wonder why I am asking for foreigners to share information on their facebook profile :

If our media are blocked and censored by government (because they literally “own” the media), we need to show and let others know what is happening here. I am also trying to post a lot in turkish. because people out of Istanbul don’t know what we are experiencing here. they have no idea, if they dont follow social media.

Erdogan is constantly ignoring the truth here: he is still talking about a few trees, but it is a matter of freedom of speech from now on. No one knows what is coming next, we just want to make sure that everyone knows our situation.

Plus, the audiovisual material that we record is our only proof , since the security cameras around the city is also turned off.

Imagine that you are “illegally” being attacked by police, no one knows, and you can’t give them the proof… it is horrible not being heard, not being seen, being ignored.

This is why i am asking: Please Share.

PS: I do not belong to any political community or similar. these are only my ideas. Also, keep in mind that i wrote this yesterday(3/5/2013). Things here change in a minute!

All photos taken by Ecem.