“Walking the routes of the displaced. Here and there.” A collective performance-action.

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Initiated by Christina Thomopoulos and Eleni Tzirtzilaki.

 Friday May 9, 2014.

Ydre Nørrebro Kultur Bureau

Baldersgade 70 st tv 2200 København N


During the month of May two artists from the workshop: “With nails and teeth for our rights”, engaged at the free and self-organized Embros theater in Athens, are working in YNKB. They intend to relate stories of displacement of people who are currently in Athens, the visible and invisible borders they face in their journeys and daily, in city life and spaces. In the workshop in Athens they tried to bring together different kinds of expression, exploring the potential of the voice, the body, and writing of personal stories, weaving together an anthropological, artistic and spacial approach. A workshop to bring joy to daily life in Athens, as Georges Didi-Huberman writes “the survival of lightning bugs” in the darkness (“survivance des lucioles”).

While in Copenhagen, they try to feel and understand the routes people take to continue their journey from Athens to come to Copenhagen, the “idealized” north. What are the conditions and realities of life here?

On the evening of Friday May 9th at 7 pm, narratives will crystallize in a collective performance-action fundamentally asking what role Europe is currently playing in emergency situations – like war and poverty – in the world today? What kind of democracy exists today in Europe?

For the rest of the month the documentation of this event will be exhibited at the storefront window of YNKB parallel to two documentation videos of related performance-actions in Athens 2013 and 2014. We hope to see you on May 9th , and invite you to come by at any other time.