Venezuela Crisis: “Make the economy scream” with Aris Chatzefanou & support party

Since our last event on the topic, the situation in Venezuela has escalated drastically: Juan Guaido proclaimed himself president of the country, a “humanitarian aid” caravan was burnt to the ground and the American embargo is suffocating more and more Venezuela’s economy.

Following up on our last event we have invited greek journalist Aris Chatzistefanou to join us in the screening of his latest documentary on Venezuela “Make the economy scream”, and take part in the open discussion which will follow.

A few words about the documentary:

“Make the economy scream” follows Aris Chatzistefanou’s thought, as he is puzzled by Venezuela’s central role in the European political debate.

Through several trips to Venezuela, he is trying to understand why the politicians in his crisis-ridden continent spend their time debating whether there is enough toilet-paper in Caracas. The reality that he discovers, traveling from the shanty-towns of the capital to the borders with Colombia, is very different from the conventional narrative on the country. With the help of well-known economists, journalists and politicians, the documentary explains the process of Venezuela’s economic collapse. But every trip brings forward new questions: Why Venezuela is among the best countries for Bitcoin mining? Who controls the Instagram account that determines the daily exchange rate of the dollar in the black market? And is it really socialism that brought down to its knees the country with the biggest proven oil reserves in the world?

Make the economy scream is the fifth crowd-funding project of Moviementa Productions after the award winning documentaries Debtocracy, Catastroika, Fascism Inc and This Is Not A Coup.

If you would like to support Moviementa you can do that by visiting the official website of the documentary: