Solidarity party for the workers of VioMe, Greece

Bumzen, Baldersgade 22, Kbh. N. November 3erd. from 19 o’clock.


In July 2012, workers of VioMe, a subsidiary of Filkeram & Johnson
producing ceramics, denounced the factory management and now
plan on running it under common ownership, without bosses. This
was the workers response to the owners stopping the payment of
salaries in March 2011 and abandoning the factory in May 2011.
The workers pushed the owners and management members to resign
and let go any future demand on the self-managed factory. Now,
applying direct democracy, the workers organise by means of a non-
hierarchical assembly. To guarantee legal safety for this and similar
future projects, they are also promoting the creation of a legal frame
to regulate collective ownership of businesses.
Solidarity groups have emerged all around crisis-stricken Greece,
where the working rights vanish under inhumane government mea-
sures and rampaging unemployment (25.1% of active population and
55% of people under 25). During October, the workers themselves or-
ganised the “Convoy of Struggle and Solidarity”, which travels across
Greece raising awareness and funds through a diversity of actions
(conferences, demonstrations, parties, etc). VioMe workers’ advances
towards self-management inspire optimism in other workers across
the world. They are a valuable example of the alternatives to capi-
talist management, where political and economic elites use systemic
crises as excuses to squeeze cheaper labor out of workers and take
away rights from citizens.
Long time unpaid, VioMe’s workers need initial capital to re-start
the factory and ensure their survival. CrisisMirror is eager to support
such encouraging initiatives in self-management. So let’s party and
raise some money for supporting the VioMe workers:


November 3rd.
19:00 – Screening of ”The Take” (
20:30 – Debate about the documentary.
22:00 – Music starts and bar opens 🙂