Presentation: ‘The political Reforms and the Challenge of the Indigenous People in México’

Crisis Mirror would like to invite you to a presentation about ‘The political Reforms and the Challenge of the Indigenous People in México’ by Conciencia México-Dinamarca and Rosa Isabel Cuc Bernabé, Master in Latin American Studies. The event will find place Saturday, 11th June, at 18:00 in Folkets Hus, Stengade 50, 2200 Kbh N.13329416_1800014143565078_7310720803675681029_o

• Brief overview of relevant political background in Mexico
• The ruling political party and opposition parties
• The political reforms in Mexico
• Causes and consequences of these reforms
• How and when emerge the concept of the indio (indian)?
• Who are they? Where do they live?
• The relation between the Mexican State and the indigenous people.
• When emerge the indigenism as a political movement?
• What is the discourse and the narrative behind of the indigenism?
• The mestizo as a national project.
• The social pyramide and the position of the indigenous people in it.
• Examples of the social movements of the indigenous people
• The challenge of the indigenous people today in the global context.


Mexico has been ruled under the same political party for more than 100 years, with a single exception of a presidential period. PRI, the political party in the presidential executive power, has evolved from a central socialist to a neoliberal party, which has brought big trade agreements and reforms in the country. Some of these reforms have changed the labor market drastically, and some of the sectors most greatly affected are amongst other is the agriculture. This is a key sector for many indigenous people, who have struggled to find their place in Mexican society.

A general context about the indigenous people in Mexico will be provided,
followed by an explanation of the epithet indio or indian, its origin and how it has been used. Moreover, there will be a general overview of the relations between the State and the indigenous people.