Presentation: “Implementation of and Struggles against the “Shock Doctrine” in Greece”

Crisis Mirror has a pleasure to invite you to a presentation on Implementation of and Struggles against the “Shock Doctrine” in Greece by two editorial members of the free press newspaper “Apatris” on Wednesday 27th of August at Solidaritetshuset (Griffenfeldsgade 41), starting at 19.00.

The neo-liberal assault on Greek society in the guise of crisis has continued already for five years resulting in large-scale privatization of public property, land and natural resources; income cuts, deterioration of working condition and intensified exploitation of the workforce; and rundown of health care, education and other welfare services. The implementation of the austerity measures has taken place hand in hand with reinforcement of state repression, not only against dissidents, immigrants and socially marginalized groups, but also against ‘ordinary’ people who are concerned of their livelihood and living environment.

The presentation focuses on the latest developments in these areas, touching also the struggle against fascism, which the state has tried to take over since the imprisonment of the leading Golden Down members – while simultaneously restricting the immigration laws, stuffing refugees in the detention camps and building special security prisons for “dangerous inmates”, of which a large part consists of political prisoners.

Also reactions of people to the current situation will be discussed. The presenters will share their insight on different ongoing struggles and forms of resistance as well as various self-organized initiatives from production cooperatives to social medical centers and from public kitchens to independent media projects.