Folkekøkken + documentary and discussion on refugees on Lesbos island

Crisis Mirror invites you to the screening of a documentary about the situation of refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos followed by a skype discussion with members from the activist group Musaferat. Folketshus (Stengade 15, 2200 Kbh N), 2nd December 2015 18:15.

18:15 Folkekøkken
19:00 Short documentary “Do Not Call Me Stranger”
19:30 Skype conversation with the activist group Musaferat

Musaferat group in their own words:
”We mobilize on the island of Lesvos with the purpose of keeping the issue of detention camps ongoing in the political agenda. We aim to deepen our knowledge and analyses on this issue and create a counter-argument on the mainstream discoure. We stand critically against and not next to the institutions and organizatiosn that represent and help this system of devaluation.”