Report Your Boss – initiativ mod udnyttelsen af ung arbejdskraft (in danish only)

Vi oplever i stigende grad, at unges vilkår på det danske arbejdsmarked presses og forringes –  både som konsekvens af den økonomiske krise og et generelt øget pres på danske arbejdsforhold.

Derudover kender  mange af os (både i fritidsjob, studiejobs, …

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What YOU can do in your local Household tax campaign group to make it more effective (Workers Solidarity Movement)

Local Participation – Get involved with your local campaign group, ensure that it meets up regularly and that decisions are made democratically and through discussion, so that people really have a sense of ownership of the campaign. This method of …

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Anarchism, Internationalism & the Euro Zone Crisis (Workers Solidarity Movement)

In the aftermath of the Dublin anarchist bookfair three of the speakers held a two hour discussion on the theme of the crisis & resistance on the periphery of the EU. Manuel Baptista is a veteran anarchist activist and author …

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A documentary made by foreigners in Greece regarding the days of the general strike.

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The Ongoing Counter-Revolution in Portugal (Igualitárista)

The economic crisis continues on in Portugal with rising unemployment, a mounting number of bankruptcies, and an increasing trend in emigration sending educated youths overseas. It’s the worst crisis in the country since the ’70s when the country was transitioning …

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the situation in Ireland

The Irish state has suffered extremely badly from the global
credit crunch and recession. During the late 90s and early 00s the
property sector of the economy grew to such an extent that at one
point it was worth 20% …

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Statement by the Occupied Athens Law School, February 9: “In order to liberate ourselves from debt we must destroy the economy”

The political and financial spectacle has now lost its confidence. Its acts are entirely convulsive. The government of “emergency” that has taken over the maintenance of social cohesion is failing in conserving the labour, and at the same time the …

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