Update from Skouries

The last time I travelled to Ierissos was before the gold mines issue had arisen in its current form. Before this struggle began, one of the most powerful ongoing ones in Greece, against the massive intrusion into the old-growth forest …

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The arson attack on the Skouries mining site and its aftermath

Originally posted here: http://international.radiobubble.gr/2013/02/the-arson-attack-on-skouries-mining.html

An arson attack took place on the worksite of mining company Hellas Gold  in the Skouries forest in north-eastern Halkidiki  in the night from 16 to 17 February 2013. An initial report, posted by the …

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Focusing on struggles against mines (28/6 @Bolsjefabrikken)

Fredag d. 28. Juni arrangerer Crisis Mirror en hel dag i solidaritet med grupper der kæmper mod udplyndringen af vores naturressourcer. Gennem filmvisninger, præsentationer og støtte-bar, ønsker vi at …

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Mining Watch Canada petition: Stop supporting Eldorado Gold mining

Mining Watch Canada is carrying out a petition to the government of Canada requesting to stop supporting Eldorado Gold Corporation mining activities in northern Greece. http://www.change.org/en-CA/organizations/miningwatch_canada

The petition is a call on the Canadian government to condemn irresponsible and unethical …

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Is Greece in shock? Naomi Klein tells how 'The Shock Doctrine' relates to Greece

According to bestselling author Naomi Klein, the systemic use of shock and fear by the power elites to undermine vulnerable communities is very much evident in post-bailout Greece. From the rise of racism to the …

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(Source: Reports from the edge of boardeline democracy http://borderlinereports.net/)

The controversy over gold mining in Chalkidiki, a province of rare natural beauty in northern Greece, is dominated by the specter of far-reaching, long-term environmental destruction. However, dubious political machinations

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Protests against Vancouver's Eldorado Gold in Greece

Government push to bring in new mines as solution to economic woes rejected by residents

by Dawn Paley


As people in Greece fight austerity in the streets, top officials are pushing open pit mining as a way out of …

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'Poverty is when there is no water to drink' (quote from people's struggle against mining activity in their region)

Mainstream media celebrate the advent of gold mining in Greece, using the emergency crisis context, and the debt blackmailing, to surpass environmental and labour laws and norms.
A video showing the ongoing destruction of the forest:
A whole ancient
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